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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
Patrol City of Bathurst Coat of Arms Bathurst City Police
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The men and women assigned to the Patrol Section with the Bathurst Police Force are the first responders to the majority of calls for service in the City of Bathurst. These officers respond, assess and take appropriate actions to all calls for service in the City. These officers work in close partnership with officers from other sections to ensure that all investigations are conducted in the most efficient manner. Some of their duties include conducting traffic stops and enforcing provincial motor vehicle laws, enforcing municipal by-laws, restoring the peace, investigating a variety of criminal and non-criminal activities and making arrests.


The Patrol Section consists of four platoons identified as A, B, C & D. Each platoon is comprised of a Sergeant and three constables who work 12 hour shifts. The Bathurst Police Force also employee’s four part-time constables who are available when needed.

 For more information about becoming a police officer please go to: www.publicsafety.gc.ca
City Hall at Bathurst, New Brunswick

Chief of Police
Ernie Boudreau

Deputy Chief of Police – Operations
André Comeau

Executive Assistant
Anne Marie Russell

Stephanie Vienneau

Tel: (506)548-0420
Fax: (506)548-0707

Email: City.Police@Bathurst.ca
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