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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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This section deals with major threats involving dangerous goods, such as some chemicals. The Bathurst Fire department is part of the Bathurst Area Hazmat Department which consists of 9 area fire departments. There are 5 firemen in the Bathurst detachment that are trained to work in the Hazmat section. These firemen need to know how to deal with situations where different dangerous goods may cause a threat to public safety.

We have one hazmat vehicle with a 12 kW Onan diesel generator supplying eight 500-watt scenic lights and four 1,500-watt telescopic lights.

City Hall at Bathurst, New Brunswick

Fire Chief
Donald Laffoley

Deputy Fire Chief
Danny Boucher

Lynne Gallant-Valley

Tel: (506)548-0439
Fax: (506)549-3299

Email: City.Fire@Bathurst.ca
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