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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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Monitoring the Endangered Maritime Ringlet Butterfly

The little Maritime Ringlet Butterfly (Coenonympha inornata nipisiquit) is found only in salt marshes located in and around the Bay of Chaleur, and nowhere else in the world. Due to its restricted geographic location, it is recognized as an endangered species.

The Ringlet has been extensively studied by entomological experts, including Dr. Reginald Webster, who is responsible for the implementation of a strategic recovery plan, monitoring protocol, and successful introduction of a new colony in the Acadian Peninsula, during the late 1990’s.

Through the generous support of the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, and the City of Bathurst, annual monitoring of this fragile species at the Daly Point Nature Reserve continues to this day, with counts being conducted during the adult “peak flight” season in July and August.

Daly Point Nature Reserve Receives Funding From NB Wildlife Trust Fund

Daly Point Nature Reserve, Bathurst New Brunswick, April 11, 2013

The Daly Point Nature Reserve has received funding assistance in the amount of $2,100, from the NB Wildlife Trust Fund, for monitoring of the endangered Maritime Ringlet Butterfly. The ongoing monitoring is part of the Maritime Ringlet Recovery Strategy, adopted in 2005 to ensure its survival.   

The Maritime Ringlet was first discovered and described from salt marshes near Bathurst by J. McDunnough in 1939. It is one of only two butterfly species in Canada that is entirely limited to ten salt marsh habitats along Chaleur Bay in northern New Brunswick, and along the southern coast of the Gaspé Peninsula in Québec. It is listed as endangered because of its very limited geographical distribution. Of the six salt marshes where the Maritime ringlet is found in NB, four of these sites are located at Nepisiguit Bay, in or near Bathurst Harbour, within only a 10 km radius: Peters River (Beresford), Daly Point, Carron Point, and Bass River. The two remaining known sites in New Brunswick are introduced populations at Bas Caraquet and Rivière du Nord, approximately 45 km northeast of Bathurst Harbour, where monitoring has been done on a continuous basis by Le Partenariat Pour la Gestion Intégrée du Bassin Versant de la Baie de Caraquet.

For more on the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, visit www.nbwtf.ca/

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